Accurately predict sales, and optimize labor & purchasing

About 5-Out

5-Out predicts what you're going to sell and when you're going to sell it to optimize labor and purchasing.

5-Out automatically ingests data from internal (POS, labor scheduling, reservations, events) and external (weather, traffic, events) sources and uses next-gen machine learning to accurately predict upcoming sales (revenue, covers/guests, items), and provides guidance on labor scheduling and purchasing budgets.

The 5-Out labor and purchasing modules monitor your staffing and cost of goods to ensure operators and managers stay within the budget guidelines that lead to maximum financial optimization.

5-Out sits on top of and works with whatever systems an operator has in place, so there is no necessary systems migration or heavy lift when joining.

5-Out features

With 7shifts & 5-Out, you get:

  • Hourly sales predictions

  • Sales predictions by category

  • Daily labor and purchasing budgeting

5-Out screenshots

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