As if LMS and TikTok had a Baby

About Bites

Bites is a cutting-edge platform that helps companies maximize the performance of their frontline employees. It allows companies to create engaging and effective media-based content that their employees love to watch and share it through existing instant messaging channels. With Bites, companies can achieve an impressive 90% engagement rate with their frontline employees, compared to less than 30% with other solutions. Bites also helps companies save on employee training costs, reduce employee turnover rate, and increase customer satisfaction and profitability.

Bites features

  1. One time import of all 7shifts users and properties to Bites users DB.
  2. Update on any change in users data to Bites users DB. (ie. new user, role/department/location change...).
  3. Allow seamless login to Bites based on 7Shifts users list.
  4. Embed Bites contents in 7Shifts messaging.
  5. Send Bites contents directly to users based on their status/role or any other property in the 7Shifts users workforce management.

Bites screenshots

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