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About DailyPay

DailyPay, Inc. is on a mission to build a new financial system for everyone. DailyPay delivers the industry's leading on-demand pay solution with modern, insight-driven pay strategies that help America's leading employers to activate their workforce and build stronger relationships with their employees, so they feel more engaged, work harder, and stay longer. While DailyPay is payroll- and TMS-agnostic, our 180+ pre-built payroll and TMS integrations allow for turnkey implementation.

Signing up for DailyPay means an employee no longer has to wait for payday in order to get the money they’ve already earned. With this benefit, employees can more easily align their financial resources with personal needs and avoid expensive alternatives such as payday loans, overdraft and late fees.

DailyPay features

By automating capturing hours and wages for clients who use the 7shift system, our integration is able to calculate shift earnings and tips earnings for employees.

  • Up to 100% net pay access: Employees can access up to 100% of their net pay instantly for a small fee or within 1-3 business days at no cost to them.
  • Minimal impact on payroll: DailyPay’s full funding model ensures that there are no changes to your payroll process and zero additional overhead for your business while maintaining pay stub continuity for employees.
  • Innovative payroll solutions: With Cycle by DailyPay, your payroll team can reduce costs while quickly dispersing funds for termination pay and other off-cycle payments. For employers looking for ways to improve their employee incentive programs, Reward by DailyPay delivers cash rewards in real-time to drive behaviors that matter most to your business.

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