Fuel your Restaurant's Growth with AI

About Dyne

DYNE is the AI partner that empowers restaurants and retail establishments to drive traffic and maximize profits through Generative AI Marketing and Supply Chain Optimization.

We harness our industry-leading customer-demand and competitor datasets, processing more than 1 Billion new data points monthly. We then align that with our strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, Lightspeed, and 40 other food-tech and AI companies that unlock customer operational data to connect it all together to dynamically optimize price points, automate shift scheduling / inventory procurement, provide new location and competitor insights, and generative high-impact content with the latest, greatest AI to help chains DRIVE traffic, GROW profits, and EXPAND beyond!

Dyne features

  • Data-driven staffing insights (customer, competitor, operational data) with multi-location support
  • Automated Shift Scheduling with Visual Shift Calendar and Intuitive UI
  • Employee analytics (performance, attendance, preferences) with notifications and alerts for staffing changes and employee performance issues

Want to build using the 7shifts API?

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