Automatic sales projections, robust reporting, and more

About Tenzo

Tenzo is the powerful Restaurant PerformanceOps platform in the palm of your hands. Tenzo brings together data from all your technologies in real time, from POS to inventory management, from software to labour schedulers. Allowing restaurant operators, from Head Office to General Managers, to supercharge their restaurant's performance. Enabling better collaboration between team members, predicting sales, improving performance, hitting KPIs as well as accurately knowing what that means for labour and inventory. Remove the guesswork and never be understaffed or overstaffed again and say goodbye to food wastage. Empowering you to act and improve performance. All the time. Helping your restaurant thrive.

Tenzo features

With 7shifts & Tenzo, you get:

  • Aggregate data across multiple data sources, including 7shifts: inventory, labor, point of sale and reviews platforms

  • Accurate sales forecasts, taking into account weather, events, and many other data sources

  • Real-time insights via automated email reports or through the beautifully designed analytics platform

Tenzo screenshots

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