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Lightspeed (K Series)

Lightspeed (K Series)

The one-stop commerce platform for merchants to simplify, scale and provide exceptional customer experiences.

About Lightspeed (K Series)

The one-stop restaurant POS platform you need to succeed

  • Connect your front and back of house operations, simplify workflows and deliver unbeatable guest experiences with Lightspeed Restaurant. Purposely built for restaurateurs, Lightspeed Restaurant helps you manage every aspect of your business from a single screen.

Set your staff up for success

  • Getting started is easy and simple. Lightspeed Restaurant’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows your staff to start serving customers right away.

Add more functionality as your restaurant grows

  • Customize your POS with additional features to adapt to your changing needs. Lightspeed Restaurant gives you the tools you need to stay versatile in a competitive industry.

Handle the busiest shifts with innovative hardware

  • Navigate the peak hour hustles with Lightspeed’s sleek and compact hardware kit—or customize your bundle with individual hardware that works seamlessly with Lightspeed Restaurant.

Lightspeed (K Series) features

  • Spend 80% less time scheduling staff
  • Reduce labor costs up to 3%
  • Receive 70% less texts and phone calls from staff

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