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Track food and labor costs, inventory, and recipes—all in one place

About MarginEdge

MarginEdge is a leading restaurant management software that gives operators real-time reporting while eliminating back-office paperwork. With MarginEdge, operators can track food and labor costs in real-time, automate invoice processing, and manage inventory and recipes from one central platform.

MarginEdge provides real-time reports incorporating sales data, purchasing data, and labor data for a day-to-day understanding of profitability. We also streamline key activities like invoice processing, inventory management, ordering, and payments. Our users enjoy cutting down on costs and time spent on tedious processes.

MarginEdge features

With 7shifts & MarginEdge, you get:

  • The ability to track food and labor costs in real time

  • To manage inventory and recipes

  • Streamlined invoice processing

MarginEdge screenshots

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