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About Paylocity

Headquartered in Schaumburg, IL, Paylocity (NASDAQ: PCTY) is an award-winning provider of cloud-based HR and payroll software solutions. Founded in 1997 and publicly traded since 2014, Paylocity offers an intuitive, easy-to-use product suite that helps businesses automate and streamline HR and payroll processes, attract and retain talent, and build culture and connection with their employees. Known for its unique culture and consistently recognized as one of the best places to work, Paylocity accompanies its clients on the journey to create great workplaces and help all employees achieve their best. For more information, visit

Paylocity features

  • New hires and employee updates push from Paylocity to 7shifts within a few minutes
  • At the end of the pay period, timesheets populate from 7shifts to Paylocity, allowing you to quickly review and run payroll
  • Eliminate errors and save time on manual tasks by using this integration

Paylocity screenshots

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