Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Manager

Intuitive sales projections, break tracking, and more

About Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Manager, powered by Shift4, has been designing point-of-sale solutions for the foodservice industry since 1987.

As of 2017, Restaurant Manager POS’s product line has grown to include solutions for all sectors of the foodservice industry, including table service, nightclubs & bars, pizza & delivery, quick service and chain operations. With the 2002 release of RM Handheld, a native app for tableside order-taking and payment processing, Restaurant Manager became an industry leader in mobile POS.

More recently, their cloud-based DuetPOS application and services for Online Ordering and Customer Loyalty are proving particularly popular with the independent restaurants and regional chains that constitute Restaurant Manager’s core market. Over 20,000 restaurants have been licensed to use the Restaurant Manager POS or Duet POS software applications via a network of over 150 value-added resellers.

The majority of these restaurants and resellers are located in the United States but Restaurant Manager has a strong and growing presence in international markets including Canada, Mexico, South America, Asia, the Middle East and a number of European countries.

*Note: You must be using Shift4 payments in order to integrate Restaurant Manager with 7shifts.

Restaurant Manager features

With 7shifts & Restaurant Manager, you get:

  • Hourly sales and labor

  • Intuitive sales projections

  • Synced employees and roles

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