Revi-lutionizing your in-store experience

About Revi

Welcome to Revi, where we’re giving your favorite local spots a digital makeover. We’re all about merging the best of technology with the warmth of brick-and-mortar businesses. Our sleek self-service kiosks cut down wait times and operational costs, making every visit something to look forward to.

But Revi isn’t just about speeding up sales—it’s about enriching connections. Through intuitive data analytics, we ensure businesses offer exactly what customers crave, from on-the-spot orders to loyalty rewards. It’s the kind of innovation that keeps the community buzzing and businesses booming.

Based in the heart of San Francisco and expanding far beyond, Revi is leading the charge into a digitized future of retail and hospitality. Ready for an upgrade?

Revi features

Employee Scheduling:

  • Drag-and-Drop Scheduling
  • Automated Conflict Reminders
  • Shift Swaps

Time and Attendance Tracking:

  • Time Clock Integration
  • Automated Payroll Calculation
  • Labor Cost Forecasting

Revi screenshots

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