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Automating temperature monitoring for compliance.

About Rivercity

Rivercity Innovations automates cold chain temperature monitoring for restaurants. Our sensors require no wiring, no complex IT setup, and last 10 years. Our solution alerts you when failures happen in your freezers and coolers so you can prevent food loss. The alerts show up in your 7shifts Manager's Logbook, as well as in our included software and app. With increasing requirements for compliance data surrounding food storage, we digitize the data automatically and provide you with regular reports starting as low as $39 a month, hardware included.

Rivercity features

  • Set temperature thresholds on each cooler or freezer to receive alerts in the Management Log book.
  • Managers can review issues with temperature zones monitored by our solution in the log book.
  • Digitize your data automatically for compliance and food safety regulations.
  • Schedule automatic compliance reports to your email on the temperature data.
  • Integrates to 7shifts software seamlessly 10-year battery life, no wiring or complex IT requirements.
  • Prevent food losses through automatic alerts of issues.
  • Predict compressor failures with our software.

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