Chargeback protection, loyalty rewards, contactless payment and more!

About SipScience

SipScience is a free POS extension for Aloha, Clover, Micros, and Toast that reduces financial risks and drives loyalty for bars & restaurants. It connects major POS systems to the SIP App, which offers customers financial rewards at select venues and seamless contactless checkout. It is a loyalty program, contactless payment solution, and analytics tool that helps venues drive their business.

Avoid chargebacks: SipScience is the best chargeback prevention solution for bars & restaurants. Many POS systems have a fraud feature built-in, but chargebacks can still happen because there is no automated way of handling them. SipScience will simply refund chargebacks caused by its members - no questions asked.

Save on credit card fees: The SipScience POS integration is almost invisible and lets you say goodbye to credit cards fees. How does that work? Customers come to your venue and open a table or a tab through the SIP App. Staff will record the order on your POS under a tab that's already opened under the customer's name. Once the customer is done, they close their tab from their phone and SipScience automatically handles their payment and absorbs all credit card fees.

Prevent payment failure: Another way we help bar owners save money is by preventing payment failures. Payment failures can happen when a customer’s credit card is maxed out and they cannot pay. With SipScience, when a customer opens a tab, we pre-authorize a charge on their credit card. This ensures that we have enough funds to cover their tab and that the customer will pay for every drink they order.

Drive loyalty: SIP users pay a subscription plan (which is divided and shared with participating venues). For example, to enjoy a fifty percent discount on 25 drinks, users join the monthly membership for $39.99 per month. That subscription gives them a limited number of credits, which allows them to get a 50% price reduction on beverages. Our data proves that customers who pay for a SIP subscription stay longer, consume 5x more than average patrons, and increase the profits of venues. And we're completely free!

SipScience features

With SipScience, you get:

  • Protection against chargebacks

  • Reduced credit card fees for customers

  • Contactless payment & loyalty app

SipScience screenshots

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